Write For US

Write for usWe are appropriate contributors who want to write for us and share their knowledge with our readers. We would like to have experts from various fields of expertise express their views. In return, you have the opportunity to make yourself heard on the blog on a digital marketing topic.

Main Topics

The following topics are interesting for guest contributions on our blog:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine advertising (SEA)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Digital Trends
  • Other related online marketing topics

Our Requirements:

Focus Keyword:

Choose one focus keyword and try to use it very left in your title.

Usage of Focus Keyword:

  • 1 Time in heading
  • 1-time use in the first paragraph
  • use 2 to 3 times whole content

Before start writing kindly search the keyword that you choose for writing on our website. Avoid topics that already covered.

LSI Keywords:

LSI Keywords stands for (Latent Semantic Indexing). Use 2 to 3 LSI keywords.

Here are some tools will help you to create LSI keywords.

Content-Length and Formatting:

The article should start with a short introduction (around 40 to 60) words. The minimum length of your content should be 800 words. To give readers guidance, it is useful to grease important terms in the text.

  • Introduction (around 40 to 60) words
  • Headings (Create user “engaging headlines” that grab the reader’s attention)
  • Subheadings
  • Bullets Points should be“short” and “To the point
  • Use short sentences (around15 words)
  • Keep Short Paragraphs probably “2-3 sentence“, (40 to 50 words)
  • Avoid difficult words and Jargons
  • Try to use “Active Voice
  • Write unique “Meta Description” and don’t exceed 150 characters


We allow 1 to 2 links to other topics and relevant trust pages that offer added value for the reader.

Image Sizes and Formats:

Pictures loosen text contributions and are of course welcome. Please add images as a file (Web, jpg or png) with your finished contribution and also insert as a preview with the caption at the appropriate place in the document. Our editors can then take over these correctly.

Each article also has a matching post image that should not be repeated in the post. You are welcome to submit a proposal or to contact our editors.

Since we also distribute posts on our blog via our social media channels and pictures appear there in the preview, we recommend noting that Facebook currently recommends a picture width of 1200 pixels.

How To Submit:

Once you ready your draft Register and submit to us. We will review it and publish. For publishing, we need author information are as follows.


Among all contributions, we provide our readers with brief descriptions of all authors. You have the opportunity to send us the following information so that we can also create an author description for you:

  • Position in the company
  • Short description of the activity (about 20 – 100 words)
  • Image of the author
  • Optional link to social media profiles (eg Facebook ID)
  • More interesting information about you as an author.


  • Once you publish your content on the Zeta Optimization can not be published elsewhere.
  • Please specify all sources completely and correctly.
  • Contributions that do not meet our specifications can not be published.

Do you have a good idea for a guest contribution? Just write for us. If you have any query feel free to contact us or mail at zetaoptimization@gmail.com. We are happy to give you feedback on topic suggestions and answer any questions – we look forward to your contribution!